Manifest of the Iranian Renaissance Movement

Iranian Renaissance movement is a cultural movement. It is not a political party or a political organization. Problems and issues facing our country go beyond politics. We seek a solution to our problems through a cultural revolution. Our guide and reference in this undertaking will be that part of the Iranian legacy that has been deliberately neglected and put aside. We seek Iranian solutions for our current crisis. We are aiming for a resurgence of forgotten Iranian values and thoughts.

Fundamental views:

About culture:

A.  We are the heirs to a wealth of glittering ideas and valuable undertakings of our forefathers. We call this legacy “Farhang-e-Iranshahri”. The compilation of this wealth of ideas and actions is the first step in drafting the ultimate “constitution” needed for governing a country that cannot, should not, and will not forget its glorious past. To leap in a prosperous future, Iranians don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

B.  We believe that our descent as a nation has its roots in foregoing the Iranian world views in favor of mostly backward and alien ideas imposed on our people by indoctrination. We believe that we possess priceless and time tested resources in our past that can help us thrive ourselves socially, ethically and materially. These resources are the same ones that once upon a time made a great nation renowned not only in material splendor but also in sublime and humane ideas.

C.  Our forefathers governed and managed the country on concepts such as “Wisdom seeking” ( خرد گرايی ), “Justice”(داد), and “Economic and social Development ”( آباد سازی). Humanitarian concepts such as “Tolerance” (رواداری), “Joyful living” (شادزيستی), “Chivalry” (آزادگی) and “Generosity” (دھشمندی) represented the highly esteemed values of the Iranian people.

D.  Persian language has connected Iranians from diverse regions which have extended beyond the current Iranian borders. We consider this shared rich language pivotal to the collective culture of the Iranian people. Commemoration of the various Iranian festivals accentuates our Iranian identity all over the land and promotes our mutual resolve and shared national aspiration.

About Humanity:

E.  We believe all human beings entitled to freedom in their chosen manner of existence. This entitlement coincides with their responsibility to each other and their effort for making this world a better place for mankind. Personal freedom is unconditional unless the safety of our citizens or our territorial integrity is threatened by such enforcement.

F.  We admire Cyrus the Great as the first proponent and enforces of human rights. This pronouncement is in line with the aforementioned concepts of “Wisdom seeking”, “Tolerance” and “Chivalry.” On this basis, we as a people are equal by law regardless of their gender, religion, language and ethnicity.

About Religion:

G.  In our “Iran centered” culture of antiquity, unlike many other ancient cultures, religion and politics were not mixed. We did not have a political leader who was also the religious leader. Rules of governing the country were taken from the timeless wisdom and not from religious sources.

H.  Iranian Renaissance Movement is therefore an “Iran centered” undertaking in its outlook. The objective is to look carefully at our rich heritage and take the relevant political and social principles to be used in our future social and political administration of the country. We deem this outlook to be fitting the Iranian nation and the psychology of Iranians. Along with this Iran- centered assets, we will also intergrate and take advantage of what current human civilization has to offer. Individual’s spiritual or religious inclination is considered part of the human rights and will not be something to suppress while at the same time, religion will have no influence on any public or national policy.

About Politics:

I.  We envision an Iran with no physical division of any kind. Every bit of the country belongs to every single Iranian citizen. Sovereignty of our country is also indivisible. In addition, we deem our duty as Iranians to care for people who belong to the larger Iranian family as described by cultural affiliation shown by them despite their current physical separation from the proper Iran. With them we will celebrate our heritage and common customs and history. We dream of an Iran-centered country that is as powerful and constructive in the world arena as its history indicates.

J.  While we respect and cherish the accomplishments of some of leaders in the past centuries, we consider our post Islamic governments to be vastly inadequate and contrary to the truly Iranian way of thinking. An Ideal Iranian government is run based on timeless Iranian values of ( داد ورزی ) Justice, ( آباد سازی ) Development, and (آزادگی ) chivalry.

About Strategy:

K.  The methods to reach our national goals and dreams are cultural and educational. Nonviolence is our motto in our undertakings as well as avoidance of falsehood, bigotry and deceit. Time honored Iran-centered values and ideas will be taught and propagated to this and future generation tirelessly and enthusiastically through books, seminars, TV programs and the social media.