Take this product. It is good for you.

Take this product. It is good for you. Though, I have suffered from its side effects!

Written by: Iranian Aid to Rescue the West (IARW).
November 11, 2017. All rights reserved.

Please consider the implications of the following conversation between two persons. One of them is using a particular vitamin and strictly believes in it. He feels a responsibility to persuade other people to use that product.
The second person does not know about that vitamin, but he is a target customer for the salesman. He may become a future consumer persuaded by the first person. In short, the conversation is between a salesman hereafter called “M” and his target customer “C”.

M: “Hello, do you have a moment to talk?”
C: “Yes, how can I help you?”
M: “I would like to introduce you to this heavenly good vitamin.”
C: “Do you use it yourself?”
M: “Oh yes, I believe in it so deeply. I am a loyal customer to this brand, and I am also selling this product. In my hometown, the majority of people are using it.”
C: “Why did you leave your town, if you had access to such a wonderful product?”
M: “In my hometown this product is available for free, nevertheless, I left my land because other consumers of this product threatened me.”
C: “You mean some consumers of it harm others?”
M: “Exactly. You know, this product is the best and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is 100% useful, because it is blessed. We also have a Holy Book sent by God to guarantee this. The wrongness is in the people. They misuse it, because they have not paid attention to the instructions for correctly using it. I did not run away from my hometown because there is something wrong with this product; but because of the people who abused it.”
C: “Wait a second, you ran away from your homeland, because of the side effects of this product that were experience by others. I don’t understand. There are instructions on how to use any vitamin. How do the people abuse it, then? Do they know that they are abusing it?”
M: “No, No. They believe that they are using it correctly and the other consumers are wrong.”
C: “Well, how do you know they are wrong and you are right?”
M: “Because this tablet has billions of users, and the majority of them are fine. Only some consumers have gone crazy and are harming others. That is why many people including me had to flee our country.”
C: “Well, please accept my apologies; but what you are saying does not make sense. Maybe thousands are abusing it, but some as you say are using it correctly and according to the instructions. Therefore, maybe there is something wrong with the product itself. Maybe it is no one’s fault, and the product itself is harmful!”
M: “Are you a racist?”
C: “What do you mean? Why are you so angry?”
M: “I asked you if you are a racist?”
C: “Calm down and relax. What does racism have to do with our discussion? As a promoter for a product, you were trying to encourage me to use this vitamin. I have a right to ask you questions about the product. Now, you are accusing me of being a racist. It is nonsense. I don’t care that you like to use this tablet. But, you were trying to impose it on me. Then, logically, I have the right to investigate your suggestion. If needed, I can even criticize it. You should not be irritated and yelling at me! You are calling me a racist, and I think this is a side effect of this product.”
M: “Ok, I am doing my best to prove to you that this vitamin is not bad at all. In fact, it is the best gift you have received in your life. Please give me another chance to prove that to you.”
C: “Ok.”
M: “As I said, some people are abusing this vitamin. That’s why other users had to leave before they were attacked. Now, ask me your questions.”
C: “What does the product instruction say?”
M: “Listen, we are the only people who know what the instructions say. Those bad people do not understand the instructions.”
C: “What do you mean? If a product is heavenly, how come God was unable to make the instructions understandable for everyone, in every language? Are you kidding me?”
M: “You know, it’s God’s words, and God’s words are very complicated. That’s why it’s not easy to understand. Some people misunderstand it, and therefore, abuse the product.”
C: “Then, maybe there is something wrong with that God?”
M: “Hey, watch your language and do not disrespect my God. Have respect for others’ belief.”
C: “Again remember that you are a salesman trying to sell this product to me. I have every right to question you and that is not being disrespectful. Does this product have international consumers?”
M: “Yes billions of consumers across the world, everywhere.”
C: “Is there a country where more than 95 % of the population consumes it?”
M: “Oh yes, many countries in the world.”
C: “Honestly, since you got mad at my questions, I am kind of suspicious about the whole situation. You said, there are many countries where more than 95% of people use this product. Can you please name one of those countries whose citizens can freely choose another product instead of this one? Are the people allowed to advertise another product like you are doing here?”
M: “No.”
C: “Why not? Is there anything wrong with this product?”
M: “Oh, no, Heavens forbid! There is nothing wrong with this product, but answering your question, many things must be considered.
It is good for you to use this vitamin. You had better not advertise another product besides this or you won’t be absolved when you expire. Only my God knows what is good for you. We use this product because our God approved of it. We are fine, however, with the people who choose other products because eventually our God will judge them.
The reason that no one can advertise another product is that some people have gone crazy after using this product, and they do not allow others to make their own choice. Those crazy people are in power in many of those countries practicing dictatorship.
There is also another reason, why you would not advertise for another product. There are some uneducated brutal consumers of this product who do not allow promotion of another product. According to the instructions of this pill, one must never advertise another product. Therefore, if they find salesmen who promote another product, they most probably kill him.
You know, I do not agree with them. They are crazy consumers whom I told you about earlier. They are very low in numbers though. Some politicians in those countries, as well, are abusing this product. In short there is nothing wrong with this tablet. The problem is in consumers who hold political positions in those countries.”
C: “Well, it sounds scary to use a product that causes even a low risk of madness in some of the consumers. What if I use this product, but in the future I want to discontinue using it?”
M: “In your country, because of the low usage of this product, you can still discontinue freely.”
C: “What about your country where the majority of the population are using it?”
M: “If you take this product, you must always be loyal to it.”
C: “What if I change my mind?”
M: “If you are in those countries, the government or the abusers of this tablet may kill you because of disloyalty to this brand.”
There is no reason to lose your loyalty to this brand. It is for your own good not to stop using this product. You will go to the heaven by using it and to hell if you don’t. It is for your own good. It is stupid to discontinue using it.”
C: “Well, now I understood why you had to leave your country. It was because of the side effects of this product. No thanks, I will never use this product. Good bye!”

This was a conversation between a salesman and a target consumer of a product. Now we are going to substitute the product with Islam. This religion is widely promoted through mosques in Western countries. Westerners are considered the target customers in this marketing campaign. Westerners have been hearing many good things about Islam including, “Islam is a religion of peace,” nevertheless, a majority of them never read the Quran which is the main guideline for the Islamic religion.
Therefore, we will now review a few verses of this book that sound unhealthy for Western countries. The aim is to show you some potential side effects and dangers of this religious manual. It is up to the readers to judge for themselves.